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Outstock Terms of Use

We appreciate your visit to www.outstock.se (the "Website"). The Terms of Use apply to all use and content on the Website. By visiting the Website, you accept and agree to the following terms and conditions. The Website is operated by Outstock, Viktor Rydbergsgatan 31, SE-412 57 Gothenburg, Sweden, hereinafter referred to as the "Company". The Company has the right to change these terms and conditions, add or remove parts. Therefore, please pay attention to these terms and conditions as they are binding on all visitors to the website. If you share material from the website, it must be done with återhålethargy. The requirement for restraint has implications for the choice of means of advertising, the content of advertising and its design. Intrusive or intrusive promotional activities are not allowed. The content of this website is copyrighted and belongs to the Company. All text, graphic design, logos, images, text, etc. are the property of the Company and may not be copied, transferred, sold, reproduced or altered, except for purely private purposes or where expressly permitted or with the written permission of the Company. When ordering, the prices indicated on the website at the time of ordering apply, unless otherwise expressly agreed or if circumstances clearly indicate otherwise. For companies, there are special price lists that are given by e-mail. The company is not bound by such incorrect pricing that the customer realized or should have realized. The company reserves the right to make any typing errors and price changes due to changes in VAT, changes in the currency situation, purchase prices and changes in statutory fees. The material on the website is provided without any guarantees. The Company does not warrant that there will be no interruptions or errors in functions or elements. The Company also accepts no responsibility for the website being infected by viruses or other harmful components. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Company disclaims all representations and warranties with regard to the Website. The Company does not permit the misuse of the Website by, for example, hacking and other means to achieve purposes prohibited by law. The General Terms and Conditions are governed and interpreted by Swedish law. Disputes arising will be settled exclusively by Swedish courts.