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We help companies with their digital marketing and the development of various applications that benefit your customers and visitors - both with a strategy to managing the daily tactics and operational work. We always start with a briefing together with you and work in project form.


Whether you have an idea that needs development or rebuilding
of a business, we can help. Your market strategy and marketing plan will support your
business objectives, both at strategic level to operational and in day-to-day work.
There are many aspects to take into account such as the external environment and the current situation of competitors and industry. So to succeed with your idea or business, you should
review and update your marketing plan on a regular basis.


Countless businesses spend their marketing budget and PPC advertising without knowing their buyer persona. The foundation of digital marketing success is knowing what works for your target audiences and their buying journey. We help you get an overview of your digital activities by implementing analytics tools that give you a clear picture of your demographics and which audiences are converting. This is the basis for scaling up your sales, increasing brand awareness or generating more leads. You need to know which audiences are profitable and which are not. The easiest way to do this is to measuring churn and CLV


To increase your sales, you need text and images, videos, email landing pages that are relevant to your target audience and demographics. Whether it's a graphic design, advertising material or copywriting, we can help you. So that you touch your target audience segments and convey a feeling. Depending on where they are in the buying journey, it's all about getting them to take an action within a certain timeframe.


We collect your data and automate your audience's buying journey. The more that is
automated, the less costs you will have for time-consuming
repetitive tasks. It will also quickly help you scale up
and grow your business. We make it easy for you to implement
built-in some proprietary tools. It is cost-effective as it
most of which is done via automation. Something that all companies should have integrated in some


Do you have a social media strategy, or do you just post when you have time?
Social media is a major part of a marketing strategy for many of our
customers. Mainly because platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, or LinkedIn and others are relatively cheap to advertise on and provide a good ROI. However, it is important to apply a working strategy and tactics and implement it together with creative branding to drive the right
target audience in your sales funnel.


Today's consumers are more demanding and driving good traffic to your landing pages or app is only half the battle. More and more is happening via mobile devices. Our team of developers can bring your idea or new application to life. We work in project form and our developers work faster than average per sprint with continuous communication to deliver a result on time, within budget and exceed quality.


Google accounts for about 94 percent of the search engine industry and Bing about 3 percent
and Yahoo and others for a few percent. So it is super important to work both
with SEO and SEM. Our approach and processes create great synergies
SEO and Google Ads. Your account strategist will be certified in Google Ads and Google Shopping. Among other things Daniel Fogmark


To appear high up organically on the search engines under the keywords that are
important for your business depends on many aspects. We have conducted
several successful SEO projects with keywords and longtails with high competition and monthly volume.

We work on all aspects of keyword optimization and search engine optimization such as technical, on-page and off-page as well as local SEO as they all play a big part in the final result. Visit our guides in SEO. and search engine optimization